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Mom: when I was your age….

Me: image

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298 INNOCENT people, 80 of which were CHILDREN, killed in the shooting down of a civilian aircraft. Shot down by pro-RUSSIAN militants who are sustained by the RUSSIAN government and Mr Putin has the audacity to blame the entire incident on Ukraine. Lets just PRETEND for a second here that Russian separatists were not involved and Russian weapons were not used in this sickening attack and it was, in fact, a Ukrainian operation carried out by Ukrainian rebels. The entire conflict in Ukraine would not have even existed if it weren’t for Russia wanting to violently take control of the country! Russia is still to blame and it is absurd to think otherwise! I mean at least a little empathy for the families of the innocent victims? incongruously, given that the plane fell from more than 30,000 feet, many of the bodies strewn about in the smoldering wreckage were largely intact. Just the sight of that wreckage should be enough to end the operations of what these terrorists are doing. Yes i said terrorists. This was indeed an act of terror that will surely never be forgotten by the families and friends of the 298 people MURDERED on that flight. Residents nearby spoke of bodies falling from the sky, looking like rags or clumps of ash. Is this any way for a person to die? For children to die? The plane was destroyed by a RUSSIAN SA-series missile. To get to the point, Russia needs to get its shit sorted, for the lack of a better phrase. In order for this to happen there will need to be serious intervention from external governments. More pressure needs to be put on Russia to ensure that we never again have to see 298 corpses of innocent human beings macabrely littering a wheat field.


when someone hot accidentally touches your butt and then apologizes for it


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